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    Who we are

    Twyford is one of the best-known tile brands and manufacturers in Africa and South America. It is universally recognized as a benchmark for quality tiles, a symbol of Made in Africa around the world. Twyford brand was founded by SUNDA Int'l Group in 2000 and successively established 5 factories with KEDA INDUSTRIAL GROUP CO., LTD in Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Zambia, and Ghana since 2016. Today Twyford and its tiles span more than 100 cities across over 20 countries worldwide, reaching over 1 billion people. Due to the great production capacity and Sales Network, Twyford is regarded as a global key player in the industry.   



    Our concept                


    People and their homes are central to the focus of Twyford. For twyford, the meaning of home is much more than just a place to live.From your little one's first steps through to their youthful years,the subtle emotions and value connotation conveyed by the family are shaping the soul of your children.  Twyford tiles are always committed to creating a comfortable environment for you and your children, allowing you and your child to grow up together and giving your child a happy childhood , A home with order, beauty and love!                        


    Our mission & responsibility            


    We grow together with Africa in opportunities and challenges. We combine the accessibility and affordability of our tiles with responsible business growth. The slogan "Better tiles, Better life" has always been regarded as Twyford's mission and creed.                        


    Since decades ago, Twyford has been striving to make better tiles for everyone, everywhere in an affordable way. We are committed to providing our customers with better prices and better tiles, and creating a better life for people, communities, and the world we live in.